About T-Durden
& What We



T. Durden is a multidisciplinary creative studio specialized in graffiti, street art, branding and guerilla marketing.

Founded in 2007 by the ASHEKMAN twins, both renowned professional graffiti artists, and award winning creative directors. With 2 offices in Dubai and Beirut, our strong presence in the GCC and Levant help us understand the market’s insights and bring a unique approach to every project with a local touch.

Our team consists of talented graffiti artists and creative designers that make our company unique where it’s run and managed by an authentic team who represent the subculture urban community.


Indoor/outdoor graffiti,<br /> calligraffiti and street art


Painting / canvas<br /> and installations

Arabic Typography

Arabic typography,<br /> calligraphy, and lettering


Branding and graphic design

Guerilla Marketing

Advertisement strategy,<br /> concept & design

Video Directing

Art and Creative Direction

Lectures & Workshops

Private and public<br /> presentations and tutoring

Interior Design Consultancy

Expert advice & consultancy


T.Durden embodies every creative person that doesn’t move with the pack, who thinks that what’s right doesn’t have to be what’s acceptable.

Both founders of T.Durden juggled for more than a decade between 9 to 6 advertising jobs as creative directors whilst establishing a big name for themselves in the city of Beirut when tagging the streets at night. These double vocations created T.Durden organically.

Being disruptive is at the core of our mission. Our DNA is simple; to shift the perception of graffiti, street art and design in the industry from commercial-déjà vu visuals to a quality and unconventional creative body of work that reach the masses.